Teen CEO Show Holiday Fundraiser

As a teen we know it is difficult to get things you need, yet alone the things you
want like training to become an entrepreneur. Especially with the high costs of iPods
and shoes, parents can only give their teens so much money.

To help, Teen CEO would like to support you with these products at wholesale
pricing! These make great stocking stuffers as Christmas is right around the corner.
Offer each of the items in the package to all your friends and family.

Collect orders at retail, turn in your orders at wholesale and keep the difference as
profit! Pay for your hotel to support your family to stay in the area during the event,
stay extra days and vacation some?
Download this package TEEN CEO FUNDRAISER ORDER FORM NOV 2012 and help your teen friends and family
be involved in this great experience. The package is yours, your profits are yours and your
chance to be on the first series of Teen CEO Show can soon be yours too.

If you have any questions and/or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our team. Let
Teen CEO Show know and Go for Your Dreams of running your own business today!

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