Teen CEO Show Extravaganza With RBN

Just recently, Teen CEO Show partnered up with Relationship Building Network (RBN) to throw an extravagant event at Boomers! The event took place on November 28th in Irvine and was an amazing experience for us and everyone else who took the time out to come. It was in the format of an expo, had a lot of food, and even more networking!

As we come closer to the deadline for Teen CEO Show, it is imperative for everyone involved to kick it up a notch. Whether it’s sponsoring a teen or recommending business-minded teens to join our program, you can do anything in this holiday season to change the lives of others. We here at Teen CEO Show would really appreciate it if you could spread the Holiday Joy by spreading the word about this!

Here are some pictures from the RBN event.


Nadine posing in front of the Teen CEO Show booth.

Someone just had a great time riding the go karts.

People in the holiday spirit!

RBN and Teen CEO Show partnered up to throw a great event at Boomers.

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