New 2014 Dates & Events:


We are so excited to announce the new collaboration with Concordia University and their Teen Entrepreneurship Academy!  Their program will be held between July 13 and July 19 at Concordia University as well as our Teen CEO Bootcamp in October 2014 and probably other cities coming soon!

Those 2 events will serve also help the student for the upcoming casting calls and auditions for all teens who are interested to participate in the Teen CEO SHOW Reality TV Show filming of the first episode in 2015.


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July 18, 2014 – Red Carpet Gala & Networking Event – SOME GREAT PICTURES HERE

Workshop / Casting Call / Audition (Dates and details to be announced – but you can reserve your spot now!) – REGISTER HERE

2015 – Filming of the 1st episode of Teen CEO Show with the 12 teens approved (Dates and details to come)



You will learn about entrepreneurship from successful and international entrepreneurs, and they will help you discover what are your dreams and how you can create a business around them, provide you different tools and strategies and mentor you along the way with all kins of programs included in Teen CEO Show.

You can reserve your spot now for one or both of those events.  Certain conditions may apply and a team member will contact you for more details.


All teenagers from 13 – 19 years of age are eligible to attend.

For more information & registration, please click HERE

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Contact Nadine Lajoie at or 949-421-7562




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CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL: Networking & Business Tradeshow

December 9-17, 2012 – Ravella Lake Las Vegas Hotel.

Ravella Lake Las Vegas Ravella Lake Las Vegas Ravella Lake Las Vegas
Ravella Lake Las Vegas Ravella Lake Las Vegas Ravella Lake Las Vegas


Ravella Lake Las Vegas » 1610 Lake Las Vegas Parkway Henderson, Nevada 89011
You can meet personally “Teen CEO Show” Founder Mike Jones and few of the mentors and team member Joy Harmony, all week at this entrepreneurial event in Las Vegas if you are one of the CEO Space participants.
The TV-Host Nadine Lajoie will arrive Thursday night and you can also meet her personally, ask her questions and start your journey to success with valuable coaching information she can share with you!
If you are interested in having a private meeting in Las Vegas with one of the Teen CEO Show members, please leave a detailed message on 949-391-6560 or text 949-421-7562.
See you there!

Nov 28, 2012: Teen CEO Show Extravaganza With RBN

RBN, one of the biggest Networking organization in Orange County, CA helped Teen CEO Show as a JV marketing partner to spread the word to over 50,000 entrepreneurs in the area!  The event took place on November 28th at Boomers, in Irvine, and was an amazing experience for us and everyone else who took the time out to come. It was in the format of an expo, had a lot of food, and even more networking!

As we come closer to the deadline for Teen CEO Show, it is imperative for everyone involved to kick it up a notch. Whether it’s sponsoring a teen or recommending business-minded teens to join our program, you can do anything in this holiday season to change the lives of others. We here at Teen CEO Show would really appreciate it if you could spread the Holiday Joy by spreading the word about this!