Teen CEO TV Reality Show is a multi-faceted, family-oriented entertainment reality TV show to teach about business and champion mindset.

Mission: To create a Teen CEO Movement around the world, teaching teens about business & champion mindset to succeed at a higher level in life.

Vision: Changing future generations around the globe with the Teen CEO Movement.

“We want to create more successful entrepreneurs, which is the future now, with many interactive opportunities, tasks and challenges, along with all kinds of business lessons from high quality mentors”, said Mike Jones, the co-creator of the TV show. A training group will also support all teenagers after the casting, even those who are not chosen for the TV show. This is a WIN-WIN opportunity for those who need direction in life!

TV Host & President – Nadine Lajoie – Visit Nadine’s website to see her credentials and why is she doing this TV show… CLICK HERE

Learn entrepreneurial skills, develop a champion mindset and access tools to start your own teen business, improve your life and achieve success!

  • Teens WANTED! Anyone can apply… if you are between 13 and 19 years old
  • Want to learn how to run your own business?
  • Are you ready to show us what you’ve got?
  • Are you ready to start the business of your dreams?
  • Register Now to be part of the show!
  • Did you know that of the top 10 TV shows, 6 are reality TV
  • Attend one or both of our workshop/casting calls/auditions in 2015

The Pre-Show & Post-Show:

  • Touring in 30 different schools to bring awareness about Teen CEO Show
  • Offering a full one-day Youth Leadership program to communities with 4 schools involved or more
  • Selecting 12 teenagers (13-19) from 2 opportunities for auditions and casting workshops
  • Creating monthly mentorship & support activities for all teenagers, even those not selected by phone or online, so they can continue to learn, before, during and after the show.

The format of the Show (A blend between The Apprentice, Oprah & Under Cover Boss):

Filming will begin in July and October 2014 for the workshops/castings and the actual filming with the 12 teens selected will be in February 2015,  with the help of our current sponsors and X, Y, & Z’s funding for the first 2-3 episodes.

  • Touring in 30 different schools to bring awareness about Teen CEO Show
  • 2 auditions and casting workshops to select 12 teenagers from 13 to 19 years old
  • 3 Mentors per episode – Public Figures, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Celebrities
  • Weekly project to perfect their idea and bring project closer to reality
  • Individual projects and competitions will create 2 teams for the grand finale
  • Learning, teaching, building teams, breakdowns and breakthroughs along the way


Create a winner team of entrepreneurs for one project, who can start their business at the end of the show, with a variety of tools and strategies, including all kinds of sponsorhips to be up and running, marketing, branding, corporation and legal documents

An individual winner will also be chosen from all the participants, for their team spirit, collaboration and improvement during the show.

The Goal for Television:

To solidify National TV Networks & International licensing agreements, so we can repeat the process and replicate the idea in many other countries, changing youth, families, communities and future generations.  A documentary maybe be also filmed during the show and the year after.

For production questions or media inquires, please email or call the Teen CEO Media Relationist Beverly Zeliger at 949-421-7562 or Conference@NadineRacing.com.