Mike Jones launches Teen CEO Show

Press Release 11/01/12 – Sarasota FL.   Mike Jones launches Teen CEO Show
Studying at the amazing business leading, business building organization founded by Bob Proctor, and Berny Dohrmann CEO Space International Mike Jones is the interesting man who is the creator of Teen CEO Show he has a wonderful outlook on life and loves creating wonderful opportunities for the teens. We asked: Who is Mike Jones and what his experience? Mike shared with us in the last ten years or so, he has been in the theme park industry, giving guidance and consulting with other theme park projects. He has been a mortgage broker before that, as well as a licensed private investigator. He has also served time with Uncle Sam in the compound at Ft Bragg, North Carolina. Spent time in the real-estate industry at one time he had 27 rental properties then the market changed and he then had 5 commercial properties. Proving to us once and for all that the Teen CEO Show Creator knows what it is like to be an Entrepreneur and in today’s world that means being multi-talented and able to multi-task.

We went on to discuss further about this new opportunity. We asked Mike why he started Teen CEO Show. Mike went on to reply: “Because their seems to be a need and want for it, kids don’t have too much direction from the public school system today, so if there was a place for the teens to learn how to run their own business and having mentors and proper guidance and support from their peers to make it happen whether it be a hotdog stand on the corner somewhere, or a multi-million dollar resort then we have the platform and resources for them to make that happen. We decided to be THAT place.”

We then prompted him asking what inspired him to create this opportunity for the TEENS. Mike responses consisted of him having always liked working with kids; he was always working with the local church youth group and spent time as a youth group director. He absolutely loved it, he shared that he also spent a summer as a camp counselor and has always had a passion for animals and ecology so when he got older he started his own non-profit called West Coast Angels for Animals and devoted his time and resources to create different events to teach the kids about the animals by setting up exhibits for them to learn about Nature and Animal habitats. So he has always been interested in helping the teens, learned at an early age that having your own business is a good thing, but as a young man he never found any assistance to direct him to actualize his dream business. Also over time he noticed there was nothing out there like platform of the Teen CEO Show, so he decided to be the first.”

We then continued our interview to the details of the casting of the show, and how it was going to take place. Asking Mike for me detail because we already knew the casting is supposed to be some kind of workshop… we asked him when is this going to happen, and What is it going to look like.. Mike replied: The event is set for Sat Feb 23 and Sun 24 of 2013. Hours for the public are 10-6 both days and they will have a variety of different interactive mentors and instructors from all different viewpoints of business, so again it doesn’t matter what type of business a teen wants to have the teens will get great information to make that happen while at the event. From the teens that participate in the two day event we will pick 14 a boy and a girl from each age range to be on the reality TV show, so instead of a traditional Line-Up style casting, we are giving benefit to every teen we possibly can.”

Looks like this going to be an amazing event, remember go to www.teenceoshow.com to register now for the live workshop/casting on feb 23 and 24th. WE WILL SEE YOU THERE!!

Media interviews are available with
Nadine Lajoie or Mike Jones.
For more details on the Reality TV Show,
you can visit www.TeenCeoShow.com or call at 949-391-6560.

Teen CEO Reality TV Show is a multi-faceted, family-oriented entertainment reality TV show designed to create more successful entrepreneurs amongst teenagers (13-19 years old) with business skills, interactive opportunities, tasks and challenges given by high quality mentors. A training group will also support all teenagers after the casting, even those who are not chosen for the 13-week TV show.

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